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ACCC Hall of Fame

Class of 1989

Name                                        Sport                               School                                            
Michael A. Anderson Basketball Jefferson State CC
Glen R. Clem Basketball Walker College
Danny Cox Baseball Chattahoochee Valley CC
John Douglas Basketball Calhoun CC
Emmitt King Track Jefferson State CC
Dr. William H. McWhorter Dean Faulkner State CC
Clifford Outline Track Calhoun CC
Emmett Samuel Plunkett Basketball Snead State CC
Gary Redus Baseball Calhoun CC
Dr. James E. Van Horn Athletic Director Wallace State CC

Class of 1990

Name                                        Sport                                 School                                             
Stan Cook Basketball  Gadsden State CC 
Marti Lee Griffith Gymnastics  Jefferson State CC 
Theodore Hamilton Track  Jefferson State CC 
Harvey Boland Hardy Football  Marion Military Institute 
Johnny Harold High Basketball  Lawson State CC 
Bill Lankford Basketball  Jefferson State CC 
Peter E. Myers  Basketball  Faulkner State CC 
Reagan Turner Ragsdale   Basketball  Jefferson State CC 
David Stapleton Baseball Faulkner State CC

Class of 1991

Name                                         Sport                                School                                             
James William Armstrong Basketball  Jefferson State CC 
Maxie G. Boles  Golf  Central Alabama CC 
Willie Dee Edison  Basketball  Southern Union State CC 
John Gary Oppert  Baseball  Wallace CC-Dothan 
Randy D. Putman  Baseball  Jefferson State CC 
Jerome Walton Baseball Enterprise State CC

Class of 1992 

Name                                         Sport                               School                                 
Debra Bodley Harvel  Gymnastics  Jefferson State CC 
Tom Henderson  Gymnastics  Jefferson State CC 
James Thomas Murfee III  Golf  Marion Military Institute 
Mackey Sassar  Baseball  Wallace CC-Dothan 
Gene Sauers  Golf  Central Alabama CC 
Eldridge O. Turner  Basketball  Lawson State CC 
Taylor D. Wilkins, Jr. Basketball, Football Marion Military Institute

Class of 1993

Name                                          Sport                              School                                   
Jimmy Archibald Baseball  Calhoun CC 
Jimmy Doerr  Tennis  Jefferson State CC 
James Hobbs  Basketball  Calhoun CC 
Doug Key  Basketball  Chattahoochee Valley CC 
Ballard J. Moore  Coach, Tennis  Jefferson State CC 
Costroe F. Palmer, Sr. Track Bishop State CC

Class of 1994

Name                                           Sport                             School                                  
Owen Butts Baseball  Central Alabama CC 
Marcha Guy Moore Tennis Jefferson State CC
Dwight Stone  Football  Marion Military Institute 

Class of 1995

Name                                            Sport                            School                                
Linda Burgess  Basketball  Calhoun CC 
Stan James Baseball Faulkner State CC
Garry Whitfield  Basketball  Brewer CC 

Class of 1996

Name                                             Sport                            School                            
Frank R. Gourdouze Basketball  Southern Union State CC 
Larry Keenum Baseball Calhoun CC
Turner Max Ward  Baseball  Faulkner State CC 

Class of 1997

Name                                             Sport                            School                             
Gary L. Branch  President  Faulkner State CC 
Calvin Davis Track Wallace State CC
Mary Ann Johnson-Parish  Basketball  Lawson State CC 

Class of 1998

Name                                       Sport                                         School                              
Henry Finney  Track  Calhoun CC 
Mary McCoy Coach, Softball/Tennis/Track Calhoun CC
Jack Robertson  Basketball  Faulkner State CC 

Class of 1999

Name                                               Sport                          School                           
Tim Van Egmond  Baseball  Southern Union State CC 
Karen P. Reynolds Tennis Jefferson Davis CC
Ronald Taylor  Basketball  Northwest Shoals CC 

Class of 2000

Name                                               Sport                           School                            
Mike Garner Baseball  Southern Union State CC 
Craig Lane Basketball Lawson State CC
Jones Luther Tubb  Baseball  Shelton State CC 

Class of 2001

Name                                               Sport                           School                           
Andrella Gray  Basketball  Calhoun CC 
Timothy A. Hudson Baseball Chattahoochee Valley CC
John Kitchens  Coach, Basketball  Snead State CC

Class of 2002

Name                                               Sport                             School                            
Larry R. Ginn  Basketball  Gadsden State CC 
Bart Rison  Baseball, Basketball  Faulkner State CC 
Riley Whitaker Athletic Director Gadsden State CC

Class of 2003

Name                                               Sport                             School                             
Russ Davis Baseball  Shelton State CC 

Class of 2004

Name                                               Sport                              School                          
Donald Wayne Green Baseball  Jefferson State CC 
H. Robert Shuttleworth  Basketball  Calhoun CC 

Class of 2007

Name                                                Sport                              School                                    
Jorge Posada  Baseball  Calhoun CC 
Fred Frickie Baseball Calhoun CC

Class of 2016

Name Sport School
Ricky Beck                                         Golf                                 Enterprise State CC               
Derek Holland  Baseball  Wallace State CC 
Craig Kimbrel  Baseball  Wallace State CC 
Myra King  Basketball, Softball  Calhoun CC 
Gerry Ledbetter Baseball Snead State CC
Tommy Suitts  Basketball  Marion Military Institute 

Class of 2017

Name Sport School
Wayne Larker Baseball Faulkner State CC
Coastal-Alabama CC-South
Johnny Shellwood Basketball Bishop State CC

Class of 2018

Barry Dean Alabama Baseball Coaches Association  Meritorious Service
Dave Jennings Golf Central Alabama CC
Dan York Golf Wallace State CC