Jessica McBrayer, mayonnaise and stew?

Jessica McBrayer, mayonnaise and stew?

Get to know Jessica McBrayer of Wallace State

Name: Jessica McBrayer

Sport Coaching:  Women's Basketball

School: Wallace State - Hanceville

Hometown: Hartselle, AL

Alma Mater: Wallace State/Athens State University

One word my players would use to describe me:  Competitive

If you weren't a coach, what would you be: A counselor

If you had to coach another sport, what would it be: Softball!! Unfortunately, I've been come soft working inside over the years, so I'm not sure how up to coaching softball I would be anymore! 

Most rewarding moment as a coach: Every time a player calls/text me to check in or when they show up at my front door to visit! Continuing personal relationships with players is the most rewarding!

One thing you cannot live without: Jesus

Your favorite place to vacation to: Anywhere I can find good food!

Most impressive thing you know how to do: Balance- being capable of balancing life, family, kids, work. You could also say singing, just ask my players, it's VERY impressive! lol

Weirdest thing about you: I can't touch my eyes (heaven forbid something gets in my eye, it's there until it decides to come out!) I also can't watch other people touch their eyes (like put contacts in, pull them down to see if something is in it, ect)

Any superstitions: If we lose, I will not wear the outfit I was coaching in the remainder of the season or until another lose occurs, whether it's that season or the next.

What would your last meal be:  Mamaw's noodles, corn nuggets, Sister Schubert rolls, and banana pudding

Least favorite food: Mayonnaise and any form of stew

Biggest fear: Oceans/lakes. Both beautiful creations to admire or ride a boat on, but absolutely NOT to be in!

Favorite movie:  Too many to name! League of Their Own, Love & Basketball, Incredibles, Sandlot

Favorite TV show:  I don't watch TV unless its sports or a movie

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving – my youngest daughter was born on Thanksgiving  and that brought a whole new meaning to the holiday for me.

Favorite professional athlete: JJ Redick