Shelton State's Tiyah Johnson and long math

Shelton State's Tiyah Johnson and long math


Name: Tiyah Johnson    

Sport:  Women's Basketball

School:  Shelton State Community College

Hometown: Phenix City, AL

High School:  Central (Phenix) High School

Current year in college:  Sophomore

One word your teammates would use to describe you:  Reliable

One word to best describe your head coach:  Competitive

If you didn't play your current sport, what would you play:  I would run track

Most memorable moment as a player:  Going to the national tournament last year

One thing you cannot live without:  God

Your favorite place to vacation to:  Destin, Florida

Most impressive thing you know how to do:  I can work out long math problems

Weirdest thing about you:  I do not like getting my hair trimmed

Any superstitions: I do not open an umbrella inside the house. It's just bad luck.

What would your last meal be:  A Philly cheese steak sandwich

Least favorite food:  Anything McDonald's

Biggest fear:  Going to hell

Favorite movie:  Love and Basketball

Favorite TV show:  Star

Favorite holiday:  Christmas

Favorite professional athlete: Lebron James