Gadsden State's Mike Cancilla and blunt?

Gadsden State's Mike Cancilla and blunt?


Name: Michael Cancilla

Any past sports played:  College baseball

School: Gadsden State

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

One word your school would use to describe you: Blunt

Most memorable moment as an athletic director: Any time a former athlete
contacts me to say thanks for the advice

One thing you cannot live without: Wife and son

Your favorite place to vacation to: Beaches on 30A, Santa Rosa, FL

Most impressive thing you know how to do: Being a good listener 

Weirdest thing about you: I am a loner

Any superstitions: None

What would your last meal be:  Surf and Turf  (prime rib and lobster)

Least favorite food: Liver and Onions

Biggest fear: Failure

Favorite movie:  Home Alone

Favorite TV show:  There's 2, Big Bang Theory, Madame Secretary

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite professional athlete: Bobby Murcer, NY Yankees (showing my age)