Let's get to know John Meeks of Wallace State

Let's get to know John Meeks of Wallace State

Let's get to know Coach Meeks of Walace State.

Name: John Meeks

Sport Coaching: Men's Basketball

School: Wallace State CC-Hanceville

Hometown: Ridgeway, VA

Alma Mater: Bluefield College

One word my players would use to describe me: invested

If you weren't a coach, what would you be: athletic administrator

If you had to coach another sport, what would it be: golf

Most rewarding moment as a coach: seeing former players succeed in life as husbands, fathers, & strong men

One thing you cannot live without: Jesus

Your favorite place to vacation to: Hilton Head Island

Most impressive thing you know how to do: auction (I have a degree in auctioneering)

Weirdest thing about you: never had braces or work done, but have the straightest teeth, according to the dentist

Any superstitions: none

What would your last meal be: some type of seafood from Skull Creek Boathouse (restaurant on Hilton Head Island)

Least favorite food: sushi

Biggest fear: failure

Favorite movie: Hoosier's

Favorite TV show: Law & Order

Favorite holiday: Easter

Favorite professional athlete: Steph Curry, because he is not shy about sharing his faith