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Men's Basketball


Lawson State and Faulkner State claim women's and men's basketball championship

Games are as follows with links to webstreaming below:

Saturday, February 28 at higher seed (men)  All game are at 2:00 unless otherwise stated
Game Five        (6N) Snead State (64) at (3S) LB Wallace (66) Final

Game Six         (5S) Alabama Southern at (74) (4N) Lawson State (78) Final

Game Seven     (6S) Bishop State (62) at (3N) Gadsden State (68) Final

Game Eight       (5N) Wallace-Hanceville (54) at (4S) Wallace-Selma (68) Final

Sunday, March 1 at higher seed (women)  All game are at 2:00 unless otherwise stated
Game One       (6N) Southern Union (74) at (3S) Alabama Southern (71) Final

Game Two       (5S) Bishop State (51) at (4N) Lawson State (87) Final

Game Three     (6S) Enterprise State (62) at (3N) Wallace-Hanceville (89) Final

Game Four       (5N) Snead State (68) at (4S) Wallace-Selma (63) Final

Wednesday, March 4 at Faulkner State Community College
Game Nine        (4N) Lawson State (73) vs. (1S) Chattahoochee Valley women (66) Final

Game Ten          (5N) Snead State (62) vs. (1N) Shelton State women (78) Final

Game Eleven      (4S) Wallace-Selma (74) vs. (1N) Shelton State men (97) Final

Game Twelve      (4N) Lawson State (82) vs. (1S) Faulkner State men (84) Final

Thursday, March 5  at Faulkner State Community College 
Game Thirteen     (6N) Southern Union (66) vs. (2N) Gadsden State women (77) Final

Game Fourteen    (3N) Wallace-Hanceville (65) vs. (2S) Faulkner State women (47) Final

Game Fifteen       (3N) Gadsden State (82) vs.  (2S) Chattahoochee Valley men (77) Final

Game Sixteen      (3S) LB Wallace (59) vs. (2N) Southern Union men (66) Final

Friday, March 6 at Faulkner State Community College
Game Seventeen    Lawson State (63) vs. Gadsden State (women) (54) Final

Game Eighteen       Wallace-Hanceville (89) vs. Shelton State (women) (88) Final 2OT

Game Nineteen       Gadsden State (101) vs. Shelton State (men) (93) Final 2OT

Game Twenty         Southern Union (52) vs. Faulkner State (men) (64) Final

Saturday, March 7 at Faulkner State Community College
Women's Championship        Lawson State (66) vs. Wallace-Hanceville (50) Final
Men's Championship             Gadsden State (76) vs. Faulkner State (93) Final

The ACCC is proud to partner with JockJive Sports (www.jockjivesports.net), which will produce live webstreaming of all games played at Faulkner State.