About the ACCC

The Alabama Community College Conference (ACCC) is a 501(c)(3) collegiate athletic conference and is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and Region XXII. The twenty-one members comprise over 105 individual teams with over 2,100 student-athletes

To achieve its mission, the Conference pursues the following goals for the students, its Members, and the Conference:

    1. Each student-athlete should:
      • be  a  positive  role  model  on  campus  in  the  academic  and competitive arena;
      • be focused on making progress toward a degree including, as appropriate, transferring to a four-year institution;
      • be an active contributing member of society;
      • maintain eligibility for participation in all Conference-sanctioned athletic events. 
    2. Each Member should:
      • provide opportunities for all ages and sexes to participate in athletic events as an adjunct to the academic offerings of the individual Members;
      • encourage all students to participate in athletic events and activities;
      • maintain the highest ethical standards in the promotion of athletic competition;
      • evaluate their individual athletic programs to ensure adherence to all rules and regulations of the ACCC and NJCAA;
      • provide opportunities for athletic competition for its students against the students of other Member institutions.
    3. The Conference should:
      1. assist its Members in implementing and expanding athletic programs for intercollegiate athletic competition;
      2. promote harmony and cooperation among its Members;
      3. promote Conference-sanctioned athletic programs to the general public;
      4. establish, interpret, and maintain rules and regulations for Member athletic programs which are sanctioned by the Conference;
      5. respect the individuality of each Member institution;
      6. provide a framework for regular season and post-season play for Member athletic programs as, from time to time, set forth for the applicable program in rules and regulations promulgated by the Conference (the “Rules and Regulations”).

It is the mission of the NJCAA to foster a national program of athletic participation in an environment that supports equitable opportunities consistent with the educational objectives of member colleges.

The NJCAA's mission is to promote and foster two-year college athletics. Unlawful discrimination is incompatible with this mission and detracts from the organizations goal of promoting healthy and fair competition. The NJCAA prohibits unlawful discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in the NJCAA's governance, programs, regulations and employment practices.